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Steelcase Panel Systems Replacement Parts

Steelcase 9000 Series, Steelcase Moveable Wall & Steelcase Avenir Systems

Steelcase Pedestal Adapter Bracket
Pedestal Adapter Bracket
Part # PA2530
Price: $29.70 each
Qty :
Steelcase End Panel Access
End Panel Access Cover
Part # PC3676
Price: $16.20 each
Qty :
Steelcase Task Light Bracket
Task Light Adapter Bracket
Part # TL5448
email us for current pricing
min order 300 pcs
Steelcase Moveable Wall Side Support Bracket
Side Support Bracket-Moveable Wall
Part # SS4482
$12.95 each
Qty :
Steelcase Moveable Wall Support Bracket
MW. Transaction Top Support Bracket
Part # TS6689
$13.31 each
Qty :
Universal Flat Plate
Universal Flat Plate
Part # UP35
2 x 5 flat plate - powder coated black
$4.60 each
Qty :
Steelcase Cantilever to cantilever bracket
Cantilever to Cantilever Bracket
Part # CC2684
SC #754
$6.42 each
Qty :
Steelcase End Stabilizer
End Panel Stabilizer Bracket
Part # EPS272
SC #722-3
$13.66 each
Qty :
Steelcase Murphy Bracket
Cantilever End Support Bracket (Murphy)
Part # CE2732
SC # 25585564
$8.12 each
Qty :
Steelcase Transition Top Suppor Bracket
Transaction Top Support Bracket
Part # TS782
SC #755
$19.80 each
Qty :
Steelcase End Panel Bracket
End Panel to Structural Panel Bracket
Part # EP377
$7.00 each
Qty :
Steelcase Work surface bracket
Rear Attachment for Corner  Work surface Bracket
Part # RA2329 Left / Right, Powder coated black
$24.24 each
Qty :
Steelcase Cantilever attaching bracket
Cantilever Attaching Bracket  to Wood Surface
Part # CA6845 uncoated
SC # 25970200V1
$4.35 each
Qty :
Steelcase Box drawer divider
Box Drawer Divider
Part # BD2693
$12.06 each
Qty :
Steelcase Bridge attachment bracket
Bridge Attachment Bracket
Part # BC2637
$9.03 each
Qty :
Steelcase Modile C Clamp
Module "C" Clamp
Part # CC1062
$16.95 each
Qty :
Steelcase Avenir Binder Bin Bracket
Avenir Binder Bin Bracket
Part #  BB4633
(Need Left And Right!)
"Temporarily Unavailable"
Universal Mounting Bracket
Universal Mounting Bracket
14 gauge steel with 1-1/2" wide mounting flange and 5 screw slots. Overall length - 14 3/4". Sold in pairs only, right hand/left hand - uncoated.
Part # CA25
$39.55 pair Min order 25prs.
Qty :

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