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Metro Super Erecta Wall Mounts

An ideal method for storing items overhead or above work surfaces.
Brackets accommodate all Super Erecta sizes and types of shelves.
Use double supports to mount adjacent shelves, single supports at ends.
Metal caps to cover openings are provided.
Available in chrome or stainless steel.
Post-Type Wall Mounts Post-type wall mounts are available in pre-packaged "End Units" and "Mid Units; complete with all needed components except shelves, wall bolts or screws, which must be selected according to type of wall. *Shelf supports are chrome-plated. If shelving is to be the length of one order End Unit only. If two-shelf lengths, order one End Unit and one Mid Unit; three lengths, one End and two Mid Units; four lengths, one End Unit and three Mid Units; etc. Get Quote - psorders@problemsolver.us

Posts and Brackets
Two end brackets (BES) are supplied with each of these double footed posts. One intermediate bracket (BCS) is supplied with 33PDF posts and two are supplied with 54PDF and 63 PDF posts. Order desired number/style of shelf supported below.

Shelf Supports-Post Mounting
Single-Two required per shelf (one at each end)

Shelf Supports-Post Mounting
Double- For run of multiple shelves

Direct Wall Mounts-Single support at shelf ends.
Each consist of one shelf support and mounting plate, with two shelf collar caps.
Direct Wall Mounts-Double support for adjoining shelves
Each consist of one shelf support and mounting plate, with two shelf collar caps.