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Metro Curve Appeal Display Shelving

The look that sells is also the look that moves. Appeal's curved front moves product right off the shelf and moves customers to make purchase decisions.
Stay ahead of the curve with the innovative, fully adjustable line of Metro retail shelving solutions. And take advantage of the look that sells, and sells, and sells..
UNIQUE DESIGN: The shelf’s attractive, curved front edge draws customers’ attention to the products displayed. The open wire design promotes light penetration and visibility of displayed items.
GREATER DENSITY: The curved front design increases shelf storage area by 12% versus a traditional rectangular shelf.
VERSATILE: Shelving can be combined with Metro’s Super Erecta, qwikSLOT™, or Drop Mat Display shelving systems to create a proprietary display for your store.
FAST, SECURE ASSEMBLY: SiteSelect™ posts, with Triple-groove visual guide feature, have circular grooves at 1” (25mm) intervals and are numbered at 2” (50 mm) intervals. A patented, tapered split sleeve snaps together around each post. Tapered openings in the shelf corners slide over the tapered split sleeves and provide a positive lock. Shelving is assembled in minutes without the use of any special tools.
ADJUSTABILITY: Shelves can be adjusted at 1” (25 mm) intervals along the length of the post.
FINISHES: Shelving is available in a chrome-plated finish or black epoxy coating.
WEIGHT CAPACITY: Shelving is rated at 500 LBS (evenly distributed).
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