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Chair Repair & Maintenance Tools

Tools for Chairs help in the repair and removal of gas cylinders, casters and sockets.

Gas Cylinder removal Tool
A new tool developed to remove a gaslift cylinder from office chair bases or from the swivel/tilt mechanism. This tool will fit all standard office chairs.
It is constructed of hard steel and built to take abuse.
Used by Herman Miller®, Steelcase® and other fine office furniture manufacturers.
Price: $51.95
Includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US
Chair Glide Removal Tool
$39.95 ea
Qty :
socket puller tool
Socket Puller
• Removes worn, expanded or broken sockets from all types of wooden furniture quickly and easily.
• Works in three easy steps;
1. Insert the extractor rod into the socket.
2. Turn the cylinder and the puller rod cuts its own threads into the socket.
3. Turn the hand wheel until the socket is extracted. 
Price: $89.95
Glide Puller
This tool is used to grab the glide base and literally tear the glide off of the chair leg. The steel clip is simply left up inside the tube.
Price: $42.35
Wizard Wrench
New & Improved
Universal Tool For The Aeron Chair!
Price: $19.95
Tool of the Trade
Precision machined to close tolerances.
Remove and install Hub Liners
Reduces time to seconds!
Install & remove Gas Cylinders without fear of "popping" seals
Price: $128.00
Gas Cylinder-Bearing Kit
Gas Cylinder Bearing Kit
Universal bearing kit fits most gas cylinders.
Includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US
Price: $17.95
Chair Parts-Bearing Grease
Bearing Grease
Reduces friction, wear, sound & vibration on metal-to-metal parts.
Water resistant & rust and corrosion preventative.
Price: $19.95