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Super Erecta® Mobile Wine Cart and Display Units
Store it!... Display it!...Sell it!...

Wine Cart
Mobile wine merchandiser is perfect for creating "impulse" opportunities.
The Wine Cart consists of the following components:
2- 1436NC shelves
1- 1236CSNC cantilever shelf
2- 13UP post (cut to 7")
2- 27 UP post
2- 5M swivel casters
2- 5MB swivel/brake casters
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Cradle Wine Units
Wire crates highly visible display. Wire forms a cradle that nests individual bottles. Shelves spread 5" (127mm) apart for easy access. Open wire permits free air circulation around bottles.

Cradle Wine Shelves Can be combined with 14" (356mm) deep Super Erecta Shelves.
Bulk Wine Units
Store large quantities in limited space-average one case per linear foot of shelf. Keep corks moist-inserts hold bottle at 10 degrees slant. Open wire design allows air flow for proper temperature maintenance. Units enclosed to secure product. Optional locking door available for the 16-case unit! Large 15" (381mm) space between shelves