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Metro Super Erecta & Super Adjustable Accessories

Super Erecta Display Platforms
Space Saving: Metro® platforms let you store bulky items off the floor in less space than if regular shelving were used.
Neat & Sanitary: Cleaning is no problem since Metro™ platforms give you a 12" clearance from the floor on all four sides. You rarely have to move the platform to clean under it — a big help when it’s loaded with materials. Also, the open-wire construction provides air circulation and minimizes accumulation of dust and moisture on the platform.
Sturdy: Super Erecta Shelf® posts and shelves mean fast, easy assembly and secure locking. A leveling bolt compensates for uneven floors.
All platforms come with 13" posts.
Basket Shelf
3-1/2" deep basket with 400 lb. weight capacity for containing and displaying smaller items.
Shelf Dividers

1" Ledge

4" Ledge
Shelf Ledges


Label Holders