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Magnetic Office Accessories

MAgnetic Door Bumper
Magnetic Door Bumper
These cushioned bumpers with magnetic backing eliminate noise and dents from door knobs..
2-1/2" dia
Price: $11.44 ea
MAgnetic File Mail Tray
Magnetic File Mail Tray
Keep current files and mail within easy reach. Removable end panels provide quick-change flexibility for oversized material.
Hold Rating 15 lbs
Avail: in BL-Black, B-Beige, G-Gray & W-White
Price: $46.00 ea
Magnetic Binder Support
Magnetic File Binder Support
Made with an extra strong magnetic base and are especially designed to support slippery plastic folders and oversized printout binders
Avail: in BL-Black, B-Beige, G-Gray & W-White
Size Price ea
8" x 8" x 4" $25.15
Qty Color
5" x 5" x 3" $30.00
Qty Color
MAgnetic Book Support
Magnetic Book Support
Strong steel construction, will not bend.
Solid 22 gauge steel; 9" x 7", 4 3/4" base; deluxe wood handle.
Avail: in BL- Black, B- Beige, G- Gray & W- White
Price: $ 38.45 ea
Qty Color
Magnetic Board Holder
Magnetic Board Holder
Powerful hanger for marker, scheduling, write-on and display boards.
5" Diameter Hold Rating: 50lbs.
Standoff 1" from wall Chrome plated and Zinc plated hardware.
Price: $93.35 ea
Magbetic Giant Door Stop
Magnetic Giant Foot Doorstops Yellow Doorstop Lollygagged with header card.
Attaches to any metal surface. Designed for Commercial and industrial use.
Unique design will not scratch or mar floors.
Made in the U.S.A
Price: $13.15 ea
Magnetic Card Holder
Magnetic Card Holder
Mark it! Identify open steel shelves, parts bins and cabinets with these permanently magnetic cardholders.
Size: 1" x 2"
Price: $3.59 ea
Qty Color
MAgnetic File Label Holder
Magnetic File Label Holder
Sticks to all flat metallic surfaces and provides you and your customers with the ideal solution for labeling shelves, file cabinets, desks & metal partitions!
1-7/8" wide by 3"
Price: $ 2.25 ea
MAgnetic Pad Holder
Magnetic Pad Holders
Size: 4"H x 8"W
Hold Rating 32 lbs
Price: $ 40.65 pr
Magnetic Print Holder
Magnetic Print Holders
Avail: in BL- Black, B- Beige, G- Gray & W- White
1-1/2" High
W Hold Rating Price ea
12" 9 lbs $29.65
Qty Color
24" 18 lbs 32.95
Qty Color
36" 27 lbs 38.45
Qty Color