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Herman Miller® Action Office® Parts

Herman Miler Action Office Power Entry Parts

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Ceiling Power Entry 3 Circuit

This power entry connects a ceiling electrical supply to the base of a powered panel at the end of a panel or at 3-or 4-way 90° connector. It distributes up to 3 20 amp circuits and holds up to a 6 25-pair cables.
Part # A0331
Panel Base Power Kit 3-circuit

This Kit converts a nonpowered panel to a powered panel and distributes up to a 3 20-amp circuits. It includes 2 cable management side covers, a cable connection, and an electrical harness with base plate assembly. Part # A0355
Panel Base Power Adapter 3 Circuit

This power adapter converts a panel equipped with an enclosed cable management raceway to a 3-way circuit powered panel. It includes an electrical harness and a cable connector.
Part # A0356
Harness Extender 3 circuit

This harness extender converts a 2-,2-way 90° connector spacer or panel hinge with an enclosed cable management raceway to a 3-circuit powered connector.
Part # A0345
Connector Power Kit, 3 Circuit

This kit bridges power between panels connected by a 2-3- or 4-way 90° connector or spacer. It includes 1 trim cover set.
Part #A0348
Hinge Connector Power Kit, 3 circuit

This kit bridges power between powered panels connected by a panel hinge and includes 1 trim cover set.
Part #A0349
Panel Conversion Base Kit

This kit provides 4-circuit energy capability and expanded cable management capacity to an Action Office Series 2 UL Listed pane;. It includes cable management side covers, a base plate, a base weldment, and adjustable glides.
Part # A1910
Connector Conversion Base Kit

The 90° kits includes a support post assembly and connecting hardware to match the specified connector, 2-and 3-way 9°0 2-and 3-way 120° and spacer kits include trim covers.
Part # A1920
Conversion Dowel kit

This kit includes 50 wood dowels and an 8 ounce bottle of wood glue to plug existing holes in the panel base, The panel base can then be redrilled for a panel conversion base kit
Part # A1925
Receptacle 3-Circuit

This receptacle locks into the base of a powered panel.
Part # A0311
Electrical Distributor 4-Outlet

This electrical distributor attaches to an Action Office or Prospects panel suspended cable management trough, Ethospace cable management trough, or the stretcher on an Arrio work surface.
Part #G1313
Cable Port Outlet Strip

This putty-colored multi-outlet strip mounts under a work surface with cable port. It provides additional outlets and manages cables beneath the work surface. This outlet has a 6' power cord.
Part # NP358
Cable Management Assembly

This assembly provides an enclosed cable management raceway at the base of a panel, it includes a base plate, 2 side covers, and a side2 cover fillers Part #A0380
Trim Cover, Expanded

This trim cover conceals floor power entries or excess cable connections.
Part #A0360
Trim Cover Connector

This trim cover provides an enclosed cable management raceway at the base of panels connected by a 2-,3- or 4-way 90° connector or spacer.
Part # A0362
Trim Cover Finished End

This cover finishes the end of the last panel in a run of powered panels.
Part #A0363
Vertical Cable Manager

This cable manager provides a vertical cable management raceway at a panel connection. The package contains and expanded filler and 12" and 24" long cableways with mounting clips.
Part #A0384
Ceiling Telecommunication

Routes voice/data cables internally from the ceiling to the base of the last panel in a panel run. It holds up to 8 25-pair cables and has a 10-1/2' pole which can be field cut to the appropriate length; ceiling and base trim ;and panel attachment hardware.
Part #A0332
Cable Management Trough, Panel Suspended

This black trough attaches to a panel to hold a 4-outlet electrical distributor and to manage cables. It can be field modified for use with any size panel. Attachment hardware included.
Part #A0381
Cable Management Trough, Horizontal/Vertical

This trough is backed with pressure-sensitive tape and attaches horizontally or vertically to a panel or wall to manage cables.
Part #A0383