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Chair Parts III

site# C6

Swivel Rocker Base

  • Walnut Finish

  • 5 Fluted Leg Base

  • Nylon Insert Tops

  • Nylon Pivot Points

  • 25" Leg Span

Model No. RF-105-5 Legs-6"Tall-Complete

Stock Number








Leg Caps Only


Model No. SB-100-Swivel Base W/Legs-No Rocker
Height from floor to swivel base-4"

Stock Number







Model No. RS -7-Rocker Unit w/swivel-No Legs
 (7-1/2"x 7-1/2" x 3")

Stock Number








Wizard Woda Glide For Chairs!

The Woda Glide is a simple, clean, attractive solution to the problem of ugly, dirty, worn out, broken and hard to manage chair mats.
Simply replace your existing casters with the Woda Glide and discard your obsolete and ugly chair mat. The Woda Glide is a smooth, highly polished sliding surface. This gives you complete freedom of movement anywhere in your office while protecting your carpets every inch of the way.
The Woda Glide features a smooth contoured design that looks elegant and is easy to clean. Woda Glide integrates beautifully with any office decor.

The obsolete chair mat confines you to a small specified area. It is easy to forget the boundaries of the mat and roll off the edge. The inconvenience and potential damage to your carpet are not needless.

Made of strong, durable nylon and a unique, highly polished material for sliding, Woda Glide provides you with unrestricted freedom of movement. Two people working side-by-side is a breeze.

Move anywhere in your office with ease while protecting your carpet.

With Woda Glide, it is finally easy to clean your office. No need to move awkward chair mats in order to vacuum. Simply slide the chair out of the way and vacuum for a complete cleaning. The Woda Glide itself wipes off clean in moments.


Basic Standard Office
Fits all standard chairs!

stem   B 7/8" x 7/16"
WWG#37  Price:  $10.99 ea.



Remove the casters from the bottom of your chair.

Woda Glide is designed to fit any standard office chair. Simply insert Woda Glide.

Click into place and enjoy your new freedom of movement and dramatically improved office appearance.


A Chair Mat Alternative!
Wizard Woda Glide

The Wizard Woda Glide enables Office Chairs to glide across carpets by eliminating both old-fashioned casters and the required plastic mat.

This patented Glide System fits any Office Chair with removable casters.  Each caster is simply replaced with a 5" diameter "foot" which allows the chair to glide across carpet of any thickness without needing a mat.

The Wizard Woda Glide has five times the surface area of a traditional chair caster, reducing carpet wear to a minimum.

In addition to eliminating the need for chair mats, the product increase the stability of office chairs, making them less likely to tip over.

A special plastic surface on the bottom of the glide is both super-hard super slick and will not generate static electricity.  The rest of the component is made with the same durable plastic used by the trucking industry to make heavy-duty fenders.

The Glide may be an easy way for companies to comply with the new OSHA Tipping Standards!

Tests have shown that a chair fitted with the system is more difficult to tip over than the same chair with traditional casters.

The Wizard Woda Glide exceeds both OSHA and BIFMA standards.

 Individual Components
site# C605

Height Adjustments:



Gas cylinder; 17-4 Taper, 50mm Hub


Spin Lift; 17-4 Taper, 50mm Hub


Columns; (17-4, 50mm) 360 degrees rotation, self-centering


HM Equa Gas Cylinder


Ergon Stool Cylinders



Equa Gas Cylinder

Swivel Tilt Mechanisms:
For both Gas & Spin lifts



Ergon, Task, Operational


Steelcase 451


Steelcase 454


Spin lifts



Black Nylon (Straight Leg)


Black Nylon (contoured Leg)


Black Aluminum


Black Aluminum



The Home Of Wizard Brand Products!




Chrome 18", 50mm Hub


Black 18", 50mm Hub


Shrouds/Cover Cans:



Accordion Style


3 Piece Black Nylon




Style #108...$19.95
includes shipping



We recommend this marvelous formula for use on:  Office Seating (gas lifts, chair cylinders, chair control mechanism)!

Wizard Formula 41

Item# 1241
2oz. Container 

Price $11.80 each


Problem Solver is proud to announce the long awaited release of their all new Wizard Formula 41 lubricant!

Originally developed by Dr. Harley Rand in the early 1960's to reduce friction and wear on metal-to -metal parts.  It also reduces sound, vibration, is water resistant, and a rust and corrosion preventative!

Filing Systems (File Cabinets, Lateral Files Suspension, Vertical Files Suspension) ...and numerous other uses such as garage doors, desk drawers, keyboard tray suspensions, car door hinges, inside door hinges, sliding doors (when metal-to-metal is involved), gate hinges, window slides (when metal-to-metal is involved), flipper door units, ect.

Although many people believe that WD-40 is a degreaser formula; it is actually a de-lubricant! Using WD-40 on any metal-to-metal surfaces will eventually destroy the contact surfaces with rust and corrosion!

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