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Chair Maintenance Tools
Site # C673

Wiz Bang Out Gaslift Removal Tool
(Lift Off Tool)

A new tool developed to remove a gaslift cylinder from office chair base or from the swivel/tilt mechanism.  This WizBangOut tool will fit all standard office chairs. 
It is constructed of hard steel and built to take abuse

includes shipping anywhere in the continental US


Caster Puller Tool

Unique tool removes, measures, installs and adjusts casters quickly and easily.

Pops out any push-in caster with one quick snap.

No damage to chairs or hands!

Comes complete with a rubber tip to gently tap in new replacement casters quickly and easily!

Part # 37900  Price: $ 49.45


Socket Puller

A professional patented working tool, not a gadget.
Removes worn, expanded or broken sockets from all types of wooden furniture quickly and easily.
Simple to use!

Part# SPT 46 Price: $109.85


Wizard Wrench

New Improved!
Universal Tool For
 The Aeron Chair!

8-Piece Folding Metric Set
Wizard Wrench
$19.95 each


Tool of the Trade

Precision machined to close tolerances.

Remove and Install Hub Liners-Reduces time to seconds!

Install & Remove Gas Cylinders without fear of "popping" seals.

Style# 109...$140.80


Glide Puller For Easy Removal

This tool is used to grab the glide base and literally tear the glide off of the chair leg.  The steel clip is simply left up inside the tube. 
Part # GP-10
  $42.35 each


Srewdriver Magnetizer/ Demagnetizer

Quickly and easily make small tools magnetic to keep those hard-to-handle screws and nuts in position.
Price:$ 8.98


Wizard Magnetic  Pickup

  • Super Strong Magnet with 5-1/2" to 21-1/2" Telescoping Handle

  • Pocket Clip

# EK438C

 Only! $8..99 each


Bearing Kit

Gas Cylinder replacement Bearing Kit

Its always a good idea to use a Bearing Kit  anytime base is removed.

Part # 108 Price:$ 17.95
Includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US


Wizard Formula 41

We recommend this marvelous formula for use on:  Office Seating (gas lifts, chair cylinders, chair control mechanism!)

Problem Solver is proud to announce the long awaited release of their all new Wizard Formula 41 lubricant! Originally developed by Dr. Harley Rand in the early 1960's to reduce friction and wear on metal-to -metal parts.  It also reduces sound, vibration, is water resistant, and a rust and corrosion preventative!

Part # 1241 Price: $11.80


Glide Remover Tool

Speeds removal of old glides. Works better than old way of using end nipper pliers.
Part # KGLIDPUL Price: $ 3

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