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Chair Repair & Maintenance Tools

Tools for Chairs help in the repair and removal of gas cylinders, casters and sockets.

Gas Cylinder removal Tool
A new tool developed to remove a gaslift cylinder from office chair bases or from the swivel/tilt mechanism. This tool will fit all standard office chairs.
It is constructed of hard steel and built to take abuse.
Used by Herman Miller®, Steelcase® and other fine office furniture manufacturers.
Price: $51.95
Includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US
Caster puller tool
Caster Puller
Removes, measures, installs and adjusts casters quickly and easily. Pops out any push-in caster with one quick snap. No damage to chairs or hands! Comes complete with a rubber tip to gently tap in new replacement casters.
Price: $44.95
socket puller tool
Socket Puller
A professional patented working tool, not a gadget.
Removes worn, expanded or broken sockets from all types of wooden furniture quickly and easily.
Price: $109.95
Wizard Wrench
New & Improved
Universal Tool For The Aeron Chair!
Price: $19.95
Tool of the Trade
Precision machined to close tolerances.
Remove and install Hub Liners
Reduces time to seconds!
Install & remove Gas Cylinders without fear of "popping" seals
Price: $128.00
Gas Cylinder-Bearing Kit
Gas Cylinder Bearing Kit
Universal bearing kit fits most gas cylinders.
Includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US
Price: $17.95
Chair Parts-Bearing Grease
Bearing Grease
Reduces friction, wear, sound & vibration on metal-to-metal parts.
Water resistant & rust and corrosion preventative.
Price: $19.95