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celebrating 60 yearsWe are proud to offer office furniture parts, office seating, file keys, wire shelving, file bars and much more while providing cost-saving solutions for furnishing all office interiors, businesses, healthcare providers, places of worship, foodservice, educational and governmental institutions as well as the general public.
Problem Solver has been family-owned and operated for 60 years and has been the leader in office furniture parts. We were the first to forego our very successful mail order catalog and put our offerings on the web back in 1995. Since then, we have had the strongest web presence in our industry, while maintaining the utmost, personal client attention, which is what our company was built on.
Replacement Chair Parts

(C600) Heavy Duty  & Replacement Wheels

(C601) Casters & More!
Most Popular
(C602) Caster Accessories
sockets, inserts, brackets, clips
(C603) Safety Casters
(C604) Herman Miller® Replacement Casters (C605) Wheel Covers
Reduces Scratches, Nicks, Scrapes, Gouges
(M148) Metro Casters
Antimicrobial, Cleanroom, Conductive, Decorative, Electronic, Plate, Polymer, Stainless Steel & Stem

Wizard Values
Gray Casters

Self Stick on Wheels
(C607) Solid Brass &
Antique Wood Casters
(C637) Rubber Crutch Chair & Table Tips (C638) Round, Square & Rectangular Plastic Chair and Table (C639) Safeglides
Felt Floor Protectors
(C640) Lion Insert Cap Glides
(C641) Sled Base Snap On Glides for Horizontal Tubing (C642) Felt Pads, Tap On Glides (C643) Glides for VCT Tile School Floors (C644) Tips, Levelers, Glides & Spherical Wheels
(C645)Virco Chair Parts (C646) Glides for Wooden Furniture
Sofas, Dining Room Tables, Stools and More
(C647) Adjustable Glides
Ferrule Glides, Platform Glides ,Glide Caps and More
(C648) Self Adhesive Pads Deluxe Noise Reducers
(C649) Nail On Glides (C650) NEW!Universal  Tennis Ball Glides
Perfect for Chairs, Desks & Tables
(C651) Universal Insert Caps (C652) Chair Glides and Sockets
(C653) Chair Mat Alternative
Woda Glides
Hi-Profile-Low-Profile Bell Glides
(C654) Universal All Purpose Glides (C655) Metal Glides  
(C660)  Universal
(C661)Control Arms and Swivels (C662) Heavy Duty Mechanisms & Bolt to floor Swivel Bases (C663) Furniture Bumpers
(C664) 7"Swivels Flat Swivels-3D Swivels Rocker Base (C665) Chair Springs (C666) Universal Chair Bases (C667) Furniture Parts
Threaded Adapters. Grater Clips
(C668) Chair Parts (Universal)  (C669)  Gaslift Removal Tool
Lift Off Tool
(C670) Folding Chair Parts (C671)Standard Chair
Conversion Kit
(C672)Gas Lifts and Gas Cylinders (C673) Chair Maintenance Tools (C674) Arm Pads
Universal, Steelcase, Herman Miller
(C675) Replacement Parts for 40/4 Stacking Chair & Steelcase Max Stacker
(C676) Stacking Chair Parts (C677) Adjustment Knobs H. M.® Eames
& Lazy Boy
(C678)Herman Miller® Equa® Gas (pneumatic)Cylinder Conversion Kit (C679) Universal Replacement Gas Cylinders (C680) Herman Miller® &Steelcase® Replacement Gas Cylinders
Equa, Criterion, Sensor, Rally, Concentrx and others
(C681) Aeron® Replacement Bearing Kit
instructions for bearing kit
(C682) Steelcase® Hub Liner (C683) Steelcase® Replacement Bearing Kit (C684)Steelcase® Leap Chair Parts (C685) Aeron Replacement Chair Parts and Accessories
(C686)Steelcase® Tools (C687)  Touch Up Paint for Herman Miller® Aeron Chairs (C688) Chair Arms
 Herman Miller® and Steelcase® Chairs
(C689) Lumbar Supports Seat/Back Cushions
(C690) Hub Liners (C691) Herman Miller® Aeron Gas Cylinder (C692) 5 Leg Office Swivel and Tilt Chair Bases
Wizard Legs
(L700 )Table & Wood Furniture Legs (L701) Cast Aluminum Furniture Legs (L702) Plastic Furniture & Appliance Legs! (L703) Tubular Steel Table Legs
(L704) Pneumatic Adjustable Table Legs      

File Bars, Rails and Accessories
(F800) File Bars & File Rails
Steelcase, Herman Miller, Storwal, Anderson Hickey, HON,Custom Cut Bars and More!
(F801) File Cabinet & File Drawer Accessories
File Dividers, Hanging File Folder Frames, Drawer Pulls ,Dividers for Herman Miller, Storwal , Steelcase, Montisa
(F802) Inscape File Bars and Accessories (F803) Montisa, Brown Morse
File Bars
(F804a)  Knoll Calibre File Bars and Accessories (F804b)  Knoll File Bars and Accessories
Equity, Morrison, Dividends  
(F804c)  Knoll  Reff File Bars and Accessories (F805) Anderson Hickey/Premier File Bars
(F806) HON® File Bars & File Accessories  (F807) File Hangers, Rails, Clips & Brackets (F808) Make Your Own Custom File Bar, File Rail (F809) Montisa Module File Cabinets
(F810) GF Quantum & Q Series Filing System Accessories (F811) File Cabinet Label Holders
Steelcase, Meridian, Storwal
(F812) Herman Miller® Meridian Metal Divider
Filing Devices
(F813) Door Springs for Classic Montisa Files
(F814) Wizard Gary Executive Safe
& Fireproof File Cabinets
(F815) Wizard Hanging File Drawer System (F816) Custom Heavy Duty File Rail
for wood or lateral metal files
(F817) File Bracket Clips
for all types of file drawers
File Replacement Keys, Locks, Cylinders
(K500) File Cylinders Locks and Lock Kits (K501)  File Keys
Allsteel, Haworth, Anderson Hickey, Meridian , Steelcase and more
(K502) File Cabinet Multi Locks (K503) Wizard Brand Padlocks
solid brass ,master keyed
(K504)  Tool to Remove Broken Keys from Lock Cores (K505) Wizard Brand Portable Zippered Key Cases (K506)Steelcase Replacement Lock Parts (K507)
Keyless Pushbutton Lock Bar
(K508) New High Security Lock      
Magnetic Devices
(MD10) Coat Hooks (MD11) Wizard's Portable Magnetic Holding System (MD12) Super Neodymium Magnets (MD13) Magnetic File Covers
(MD14) Tool Holders (MD15) Magnetic File Drawer Dividers/File Followers (MD16) Task Lighting  Personal Lighting (MD17) Super Magnets For Fabric Covered Steel Walls
(MD18) Magnetic Picture Holders, Hangers (MD19)  Magnetic Shelving  (MD20)Wizard Magnetic White Boards  
Computer Accessories
Computer Keyboards, Lighting Computer Workstations e-Plan
Computer Furniture
Computer Keyboards (Leader Series)
Electric Keyboard System Taskmate™ Security Storage
Hard Drive Security Storage
CPU Security Storage
Lap Top Security Storage
Herman Miller Replacement Parts
(900) Herman Miller® Electrical Distribution (901) Herman® Miller
Panel Parts
(902) Herman Miller® Ethospace
New, Used or Cloned Replacement Accessories
(903) HM Worksurface Accessories
(904)  (More) H.M.®
Panel Parts
(905) Herman Miller New, Used or Cloned Ethospace Parts (906)More! Herman Miller® Ethospace (907) HM Panel Hardware
(908) HM Overhead Storage (909) H M Panel Part Connectors Herman Miller Conversion Kit for Ergon Chairs  
Steelcase Replacement Parts
(912)Steelcase ®Moveable Wall, SC Avenir Support Hardware (913) Steelcase® Panel Parts (914) Steelcase® Parts
(915)Steelcase®Moveable Wall, SC Avenir and 9000 Series Hardware
(916)Steelcase® Moveable Wall / Avenir (917)Steelcase® Moveable Wall, Steelcase® 9000, Steelcase Avenir & Universal Replacement Parts (918)  Steelcase® Metal Shelf Clips
Use For Bookcases & Storage Cabinets
Steelcase® Chair Conversion Kit
Universal Parts and More
(920)Locker Parts & Shelf Supports (Replacement) (921) Panel Systems Parts (922)   Touch-Up Paint Haworth, Herman Miller, Steelcase (923) Office Systems Hardware
(924) Workstation Brackets, Counter Supports,& Wall Brackets (925) Universal Parts Designed For SC/HM (926) Standard Cantilevers (Workstation Brackets)
for all Major Panel Systems
(927) Grommets
Plastic and Metal
(928)Solid Brass Grommets (929) Helpful Back Savers (930) Panel /Office Chair Cleaners & More! (931) Ergonomic, Ergoflow Workspace Seating
(932) Furniture Refurbishing Supplies (Hinges & T-Clips,T-Molding) (933) Furniture Movers (934) Moving Equipment (935) Industrial Ergonomic Mats
(936)  Door Stops
& Holders
(937)   Wizard Magic  Shoulder Straps
& Hip Cli
 (938) Wizard Worksurfaces (939) Ergonomics, Ergoflow Workstations
(940)   Replacement Parts for Shopping Carts (941)  Shopping Cart Security System  (942) Stackable Drawer Case Units Corner Wire
Shelves & Units
(943) Olympic Divider Box Line (944) Tote Box's, Bins & Portable Storage (945)  Ergonomic, Ergoflow workstation accessories  (946) Modular Drawer Storage Systems
(947)  14" Wire Shelving (948) Furniture Care Repair Kits (949)  Hands free water bottle holder
Hip-Clip® Water Bottle Caddy
(950) Classroom Seats and Backs & Installation Hardware
(951) Panel Hung Coat Hook
for use on Herman Miller, Steelcase Systems, Haworth and More
OPS Panel Connector Parts
(954) Scratch Guard
Furniture and Floor Protectors
NEW!Recession Busters
(963) Wizard Brand Folding Mobile Coat Racks (964) Wizard Brand Free Standing Floor Costumer  (965) Wizard Hooks and Hangers  (966) Wizard Industrial Grade Closet Rods
(967) Shopping Cart Accessories & Parts (968)NEW! Wire and Cable Organizers Quick Ship Cantilevers  
Furniture Care and Repair Kits
Furniture Repair
Fabric Cleaner

Use on carpets, upholstery and other "water safe" fabrics.
Furniture Repair

Wood, Formica, Paneling, Plastic or any Hard Surface
Furniture Repair
Fabric Upholstery Kit
Great for Fabric Panels and Office seating
Foam & Fabric Spray Adhesive
Wood Touch-Up Kit Upholstery Accessories
Repair Kits, Furniture Cover
Caulking Solutions
Laminate Repair
Wood Repair
NEW Microfiber Cleaning & Dusting Gloves
Haworth Replacement Parts
(990) Haworth Panel Parts (991) Haworth Places Parts (992) Haworth
Unigroup Parts
(993) Remanufactured 6x6 Workstation
Wizard Protection Products
(w100) Security Storage
Hard Drive Security Storage
CPU Security Storage
Lap Top Security Storage
(w200) Wizard Laptop Storage Cart (w300) Fire Proof Media Vault  Wizard Gary Executive Safe
& Fireproof File Cabinets
Herman Miller® Used and Clone Ethospace® Cubicle Furniture
Herman Miller®
Used Ethospace

Workstations,Conference Tables and more
 Herman Miller® New, Used and Clone Ethospace® Certified Replacement Parts
Ethospace® Panel Frames Ethospace® Panel Connectors Ethospace® Electrical Connectors Ethospace® Worksurface Parts
Ethospace® Side Cover NEW! Ethospace Coathook NEW! Shelf Divider-Angled  
Herman Miller® Cloned A01 and A02 Cubicle Furniture
H. M.® AO2 Clone Furniture New Wizard's Panel System Wizard Task System
Wizard  Desking
Herman Miller ®New, Used and Clone Action Office® Certified Replacement Parts
Panels Electrical Distribution Panel Frames Connectors
Finished Ends Voice/Data Worksurfaces Flipper Door Units
Restroom Hardware
(1010) All-American
American Sanitary
(1011)  Replacement Parts
All-American, American Sanitary, Keepers, Stoppers, Latches, etc.
(1012)  Toilet Hardware
Hardware Latches, Latch Knob Sets, Bumpers & Keepers
(1013)Restroom Replacement Hinges-Hinge Pins-Continuous Hinge
(1014) Restroom Common Hardware
Urinal Screen Brackets -Wall Brackets
(1015)Restroom -Hardware Cams -Top & Bottom Door Inserts (1016)Restroom  Hardware
Pilaster Shoes-Door Pulls-Panel Supports and More
(1017)Restroom Hardware
Door Kits • Panel Packs • Solid Plastic Hardware • Polished Brass Hardware
(1018) NEW ! Dual Flush Conversion Kit      
                        Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling News | Recycling Terms | Recycling Facts |
Environmental Benefits FAQ
Neuli-Remanufactured® Steelcase®Chairs Neuli-Remanufactured® Herman Miller® Chairs Neuli-Re-manufactured® Steelcase®9000
Workstations  or  Panels
New Line of Stacking Chairs- "An American Favorite"
Metal Stacking Chairs Bar/Counter Height Stacking Chairs Upholstered Stacking Chairs Designer Color Metal Stacking Chair
Attachments /Accessories      
Wizard Ultimate 24/7 Heavyweight Office Seating Series One
for individuals up to 550 lbs.
Heavyweight Seating
24/7 Highback Chair
 Heavyweight Seating
NEW! Ultimate Series II Midback Chair
Heavyweight Seating
 24/7 Midback Chair
Heavyweight Seating
24/7 Medium Chair
(505)  24/7 Ultimate  Grand Vizer Counterheight Chair  Ultimate Series II Big & Tall Chair Replacement Parts For 24/7 Chairs  
Wizard Back and Spine Helpful Solutions
Workplace Health
Wizard BodyBolster
Wizard Type Herman Miller® Aeron®
Self-Adjustable Lumbar Support Seat Cushion
Wizard's Office Seating Guide Wizard's Guide to reduce back pain while sitting

Herman Miller® Aeron Chairs and Chair Parts-Diagrams
 Aeron® Chair Aeron® Sector Gear & Tilt  Limiter Cable Replacement Aeron® Tilt Cover Replacement Aeron® Front Limit Cam Replacement
Aeron®  Rear Limit Cam Replacement Aeron® Torque & Tool Specifications Aeron ® Pneumatic Cylinder Replacement Aeron® Tilt Control Knob and Lever Replacement
Aeron® Side Chair Back Frame Replacement      

More Wizard Ultimate Seating Office Seating Series
(509) Leap Chairs (510) HM Equa Office Chair  (511) HM Ergon Office Chair (512)Green Seating
(513) Steelcase® Leap® Version 2    (515)Herman Miller® Equa and Ergon Chairs Offered now in Vinyl (516) Full Mesh Back and Seat
Fluid™ Chair
(517) Wizard Chair Collection
HM Equa 2 Chairs
(518) Stools (519)  Wizard Butterfly Lumbar Support Chair (520) Pre-Owned Steelcase® 453 Series Criterion Chairs
(521) The Wizard Task Collection (522)   Cafe Collection    
The Original 40/4 Stacking Chairs Designed by David Rowland
40/4 Metal Stacking Chairs 40/4 Wood Stacking Chairs 40/4 Upholstered Stacking Chairs 40/4 Demi-Glaze Stacking Chairs
40/4 Options
Bookrack, Tablet Arm, Dolly
40/4 Leather Stacking Chairs NEW! 40/4 Bar and Counter Height Stacking Chairs NEW! Outdoor
Wizard Ultimate Stacking Chairs Series
 (S103) Plastic Stacking Chair      
Wizard Ultimate Seating Bariatric Center & Big And Tall Office Chairs
(B100)  Bariatric Seating  Big & Tall Side Chairs (B101) Big & Tall Executive Seating (B103) Bariatric Seating II
ideal for office applications, waiting rooms, lobbies & dining
(B104)Bariatric Pyramid Seating
(B105) Big & Tall Seating 24/7 Continuous Shift chairs (B106) Super Heavy Duty Wizard Seating
up to 500 lbs.
Metro Products

Metro Gold Seal Dealer
(M100) Metro Carts Standard (M101) Metro Deep Ledge Utility Carts (M102) Metro Carts
(Polymer, Valet)
(M103) Metro Lab Research Carts
(M104) MetroMax® Stem Caster Carts (M105) Metro Carts & Trucks (M106) MetroSuper Adjustable 2™ Super Stem Caster Carts (M107)Metro Heavy Duty Utility Carts
(M108)Metro Mobile Wine Cart and Display Unit (M109)Shelving and Cart Covers (M110)POLYMER UTILITY CART: myCart™ Series  
(M200)Metro Smart Bench Workstations (M201) Metro Lab Solutions - Polymer (M202) Metro Heavy Duty Work Tables  (M203) Metro Stainless Steel Bench
 (M204) Metro Computer Workstations      
(M300) Metro Super Adjustable 2™ Super Erecta Shelving (M301) Metro Super Erecta Solid Shelving (M302) Metro Super Erecta Wire Shelving (M303) Metro Super Erecta qwikSLOT™ Shelving
(M304) Metro Drop Mat Shelving Super Erecta (M305) Metro Super Erecta Wall Mounts (M306) Metro Regular Erecta®Shelving ( M307) Metro Super Erecta Accessories
(M308) Metro Shelving Convenience Paks (M309) NEW! Metro Super Erecta PRO    
(M400) Computer Shelving (M401) Metro Designer Shelving  (M402) Metro High Density Heavy Duty Storage System (M403) Metro Home Office, Storage, Furnishings
(M404) Metro Curve Appeal Display Shelving (M405)Metro Heavyweight Solid Shelving (M407) Metro Wine Storage & Display (M408) LAR Shelving
All-Stainless Solid Shelving
(M409) Metro Lan System Management (M410) Metro SmartWall Plus™ Systems (M411) Metro SmartWall Plus Accessories and Starter Kits  
(M500) MetroMaxi® Storage System (M501) MetroMax® System Accessories (M502) Metro MaxiQStorage System®  (M503) Metro MaxiQ Accessories
(M600) Metro Casters
Antimicrobial, Cleanroom, Conductive, Decorative, Electronic, Plate, Polymer, Stainless Steel & Stem
(M601) MetroColored Shelf Markers and Label Holders (M602) Metro accessories (M603) Metro Computer Accessories
(M604) Metro Olympic Divider Tote Boxes & Bins (M605) Metro FoodService
Bun Racks, Prep Racks
Metro Heated Cabinets  
(M700) Super Adjustable (M701) qwikSLOT (M702) MetroMax Q  
(M800) Metro Starsys Pre-Configured Carts (M801) Metro Build to Order  Starsys Carts Polymer (M803) Metro Build to Order Starsys Carts qwikSlot (M804) Metro Starsys System Cart Accessories
(M805) Metro Starsys
C5™ Heated Cabinets
MetroC5™ 9 Series
Controlled Temperature & Humidity Heated Holding & Proofing
MetroC5™ Pizza Series
Pizza Holding
Metro C5™ 8 Series Controlled Temperature Heated Holding Cabinets Metro C5™ 6 Series  Heated Holding Cabinets
Metro C5™ 3 Series Heated Holding & Proofing  Cabinets w/Insulation Armour Metro C5™ 1 Series
Non-Heated Holding & Proofing  Cabinets  
Metro C5™ Accessories  

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